Dayton, OH Race

Dayton, OH Race
Glen at the last Colavita / Zipp Time Trail race of 2011

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Racing Season in Progress and Additional Bike Updates

It was good to get the bike Time Trial race season underway a couple of weeks ago, we are now preparing for the Fisk Knob TT in Cedar Springs Michigan on the 15th. of April.  This race has a lot of climbing so we are looking at reducing weight as much as we can on the bike, and ourselves :o).  With this in mind, we have upgraded the wheel skewers to a lighter design.  These skewers have titanium shafts and low profile end as shown in the pictures, these come in at 30 grams per pair, very nice.  Also, we are replacing all the standard screws on the bike with titanium fasteners where possible.  Also, due to the need to shift from the large and small chainring a couple of times, we have outfitted the bikes with chain-catchers on the front deraillers just for shifting insurance.  Stay tuned for further updates.

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