Dayton, OH Race

Dayton, OH Race
Glen at the last Colavita / Zipp Time Trail race of 2011

Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Time Trial Race of 2012 takes place on Sunday

We are well into the preperation work for the upcoming time trial race in Casstown, Ohio on Sunday.  This is the first race of the year for Robbie and I, and we are looking forward to the season getting under way.  Training has been going well all winter, as well as some of the bike projects were have been working on. 

We are getting a lot of requests for the cable cover that fits the Trek Speed Concept as well as crankset covers that can be used on any bike.  Below are just a couple of pictures as a couple of cable covers right out of the molds.  They look pretty spidery at first, but once cleaned and trimmed they start looking like the final product.  Check them out.

Right out of Molds

Roughly Trimmed

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