Dayton, OH Race

Dayton, OH Race
Glen at the last Colavita / Zipp Time Trail race of 2011

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Great Weekend for Riding

Had a great time riding with Team MOS/W yesterday at the team training camp in Brown county, the weather was perfect for riding and the scenery on the ride was just really something.  The ride included a lot of climbing (at least for a time trial specialist) but it was great training.  The Garmin computer put the ride at 65 miles and one of the climbs at 28 percent incline with many more in the 10-17 percent.  The ride was a shock to the system so early in the year, but it was just want we needed to start the season off.  Thank you to the team to make sure I did not get left to far behind on the climbs.

Got the Trek Speed Concept TT bike out on the road for the first time this year for about 45 minutes just to loosen up my legs after the hard riding day yesterday.  The ride was also used to shake the bike down to make sure all the new carbon bits/pieces worked out as planned.  Overall, I am very pleased, the bike ran great with no issues.

Robbie also got his Scott Plasma TT bike ready for the season today, he cleaned and adjusted the saddle height, (being that he has grown a few inches since last fall)  He will be getting out on the road this week to start the hard training for the season.

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